On the page you will find lots of different pictures and videos of people who are part of Street Beat and videos from different things such as during class, at competitions, shows ect.

UDO Sheffield 2015

UDO Sheffield October 2015

In 2015 we entered 5 groups into the regional qualifiers. Our groups placed 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and 5th in different categories. Meaning most of us qualified for the European qualifiers in Germany and the world qualifiers in Glasgow in 2016!!!

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Los Angeles 2015

Los Angeles

The Famous LA trip has happened again. Every two years the dancers of Street Beat Dance over the ages of 16 have the opportunity to go to Los Angeles to train for 2 weeks (and have lots of ice cream!)

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UDO World Championship 2015

UDO World Championship 2015

In 2015 the UDO World Championships were held in Glasgow. Our younger dancer troupe managed to win the UK Championships and secure a place in the world championships which they placed 3rd in their category, making them world championship finalists!!!

  • kai

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  • udo5

  • eclipse1

  • eclipse2

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  • eclipse

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NoFit State Circus 2015

NoFit State Circus 2015

NoFit State circus are a production team which specialise in circus training and performing. We were lucky enough to work with them towards a performance which was carried out by Street Beat and NoFit State in Doncaster Town Centre!!! This was a great experience for everybody involved.

  • nofit state circus 1

  • nofit state circus

  • nofit state circus 2

  • nofit state circus 3

XM 2015

XM March 2015

XM Street Dance Campionships is an event which Street Beat attends annually. In 2015 we came back with a record amount of trophies. Everybody did amazing here and the Younger crew, eclipse managed to bag a win in their category which was one of the biggest entry categories.


UDO Street Dance 2016

UDO Street Dance 2016

On 10th April 2016 we entered 4 groups Uproar, Rawthentic, Eclipse and TMC. Our groups placed 2nd, 4th in different categories. Meaning most of us qualified for the European qualifiers in Germany and the world qualifiers in Glasgow in 2016!!

 Everyone who took part did a fantastic job and had a lot of fun and came out with good results!!

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European Championships



On Thursday 12th April the Street Beat Family took a trip to Germany for those who had qualified for European Street Dance Championships were one of our groups ‘Eclipse’ came 5th! everybody who took part did fantastic and it was a tough competition.

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