Welcome to the Street Beat merchandise page! If you would like to purchase any of the below items, please contact us via email explaining which items you would like including colour, design and sizes. E.g. Large Blue Varsity Jacket

  • Street Beat Bags


    Available in a range of colours!

    Street Beat draw-string bag £3

  • Drinks Bottles


    Available In a range of colours!

    Street Beat Bottles £2

  • Snapbacks


    Available in a range of colours!

    Street Beat Snap-Backs £12

  • Knee Pads


    Available with Red or Blue writing!

    Street Beat Knee Pads £15

  • Flavoured Jam T-Shirts


    Available in Green and Black with Child and Adult Sizes!

    Flavoured Jam T-Shirts £15

  • Street Beat Wrist Bands


    Available in a wide range of colours for everybody!

    Wrist bands £1.50 each or 3 for £4

  • Street Beat Record Bag

    photo (1)

    Available in a range of colours!

    Street Beat Record bags £16.50

  • Street Beat Dancer T-Shirt

    photo (2)

    Available in Hip-Hop colours

    £14.50 for Kids and £15 Adults

  • Street Beat Breaker T-Shirt

    photo (3)

    Available in Breakin colours

    £14.50 for Kids and £15 Adults

  • “The More You Sweat” T-shirt


    Available in Krump Colours

    £14.50 for Kids and £15 for Adults

  • Be Iconic Sweatshirt and T-Shirt


    2015-11-18 09.34.56


    2015-11-17 14.38.44

    Sweatshirts between £20-£30

    T-Shirts between £13-£15

  • In Case Of Emergency


    2015-11-17 14.40.34

    Sweatshirts between £20-£30

    T-Shirts between £13-£15

  • Varsity Jacket


    2015-11-17 14.39.52


    Available in Red and Blue

    Varsity jackets  £19-£21

  • No Standing Only Dancing

    2015-11-17 14.38.13

    “No standing only dancing” Sweatshirt

    Sweatshirt is £16-£17

  • Look In The Mirror Vest

    2015-11-17 14.39.08

    “Look in the mirror. That’s your competition”

    Vest is £14

  • No Stopping Only Popping

    2015-11-17 14.39.32

    “No Stopping Only Popping” Sweatshirt

    Sweatshirt is £16-£17

Street Beat Tops

  • T-Shirt

    2015-11-17 14.37.50


    2015-11-18 12.09.15

  • Orange

    2015-11-18 12.20.39

Street Beat Dance T-Shirt

T-Shirt is £15


Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Joggers and T-Shirts

  • Hip-Hop (Purple & Yellow)
    Poppin’ (Yellow & Black)
    Breakin’ (Red & Blue)
    T4S (White & Purple)
    Krump (Black & Orange)
    Commercial Street (Black & Silver)
    Funk Styles (Blue & Yellow)
    Trix (Orange & Blue)

Prices range from £10 – £30 depending on the product. See our suggested colour scheme for ideas, or choose your preferred colour and dance style, then we can personalise your order. To further customise your order, why not add your name? For more information you can contact us with any enquiries of our products.