My First Lesson

First Lesson

Come along to our high energy classes ….We are excited to meet you!

Your first Lesson is FREE!

No advanced booking required, however some classes are full so it is worth giving us a call prior to attending.

You must sign up to attend our lessons!

What to wear?


We do not have a set uniform however Street Beat Merchandise can be purchased from us.


Clothing is advised below:


    • Baggy clothing (e.g. T-Shirt, hoody joggers)

    • NO jeans or skirts.

    • Footwear – Trainers.

    • We do ask that knees are covered (either joggers or shorts and knee pads)

    • Knee pads are mandatory for classes so you will need to buy some within the first few weeks of coming to class – We recommend the make Rucanor. These can be purchased from us or other retailers.


    • Tight fitting clothing (e.g. leggings, vest top etc)

      Footwear –

    • Ballet slippers for ballet

    • Jazz sneakers for Jazz

    • Tap shoes for Tap

    • Bare feet for contemporary

    • Girls over 11yrs will need 3″ New Yorkers for Musical Theatre and partner dance.


You are advised to bring a drink to class (not fizzy drinks).

Food is not allowed within lesson time.

You must arrive at least five minutes before the start of the class to get signed in.

You may be refused admittance to the class should you arrive late.

For more information on payments, please click here.