Theatre Arts Classes

Theatre Arts

Welcome to the theatre arts side of Street Beat


    Join in and take part in our Ballet classes and learn a new type of dance that you are not familiar with or that you are, they’re lots of different things you can do you can either do..

    • Ballet exam grades and push yourself to do better

    • Learn and do performances

    • Just work/learn your ballet techniques

    This is Regan doing a split leap

  • TAP

    This class aims to cover a variety of Tap Dance including Rhythm (Jazz) Tap, Broadway Tap and soft-shoe shuffle.

    Rhythm (Jazz) tap focus’ on tap as a form of music, creating music through the beats of your shoes.

    Broadway Tap focus’ more as tap as a dance often performed in musical theatre.

    Soft-Shoe Shuffle involves tap without the tap shoes, creating the rhythm whilst wearing soft shoes.

    •  The techniques taught will then be used to create beats rhythm within routines.

    • There will also be experimental sessions where students will be encourage to be creative.

    • Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of the tap shoes striking the floor


     This class combines Singing, Drama and Dance.

    The dance taught within the class will be mainly Jazz and Tap but will also incorporate lifts and female feather work.

    Working on many performance skills including confidence, projection, facial expressions and characterisation.

    This class will often work on various musical production numbers such as sections from Chicago, Cabaret, Billy Elliott, Lion King and Wicked. Students will be trained to be all round performers.


    2016-02-02 11.43.54



     This style is an exploration of movement using various techniques drawing inspiration from other dance styles whilst encouraging experimental dance.


    This class aims to develop dance technique, personal creativity and group collaboration.

    The class will cover styles such as lyrical, abstract, improvisation and contact work. Various stimuli, props and themes will be explored within the sessions.


    Come and join in on our lifts class in Belton whether you’re wanting to learn how to do lifts/learn new types and it also is a great way to build up your strength in many ways such as working on strengthening your core or even your biceps.


  • Singing

    Ever wanted to learn how to sing or becoming more confident with your singing voice?

    Then come along to our singing classes in Belton!

    Coming to our singing lessons could mean you could do singing parts within our shows that we do every year such as annual show, pantomimes and big shows we perform.image