Urban Academy

Urban Academy

  • Hip Hop

    Hip-hop is one of the fundamental urban dance styles which we first started with at Street Beat. Almost every teacher at the academy is an advanced Hip-hop dancer and is known as the style that started the urban dance movement. We pride ourselves in being the level we are at this style and are always hoping to grow.

  • Poppin’

    Poppin’ is a more recent style which has developed more over the last 10-15 years. With different styles of poppin’ it is an ever expanding style of dance. From animating robots to Egyptian tutting, poppin’ is one of the most diverse styles to do, and we do it very well. With our specialised teachers on board you’re sure to get far here.

  • Trix

    Our Trix class is one of the highest requested classes. This class is all about getting the stunts and high flying showboats which make the crowd go wild. From forwards rolls to corkscrew flips, this class is for hard work and dedication which makes for some amazing progress. Take a look here at all of the crazy things that go on in the class, it might be for you!

  • Funk And Krump

    This class works on a rotary system with the overall aim of teaching Funk styles including Lockin’, House, Jittin’, New Jack and Waacking, Krump which is an explosive style used as a way to release anger and aggression through dance



Here at Street Beat we like to offer our students the best opportunities possible for them. This means we get the best of the best dancers we can find to come down to us and deliver workshops for us. This allows the students to dance with new teachers who are the pioneers of their style meaning they get the most up to date dancing available at the time.